The Program

Fairwood offers a work-study, discipleship program that lasts 8 months out of the year from September to May for up to three years.

Fairwood Bible Institute is intended for people who want to find Jesus real (and deepen their relationship with him), to experience growth and healing (through God’s unconditional love), and to learn to love and follow him as his disciple (growing further in discipleship).
The focus of Fairwood is not to train people for specific life callings, but to help people grow into Christ so that no matter where they go, their feet will be planted firmly in the Truth. And it is on this basis that we launch Cornerstone, a Gap Year experience.

New for 2018-2019: Cornerstone

As our culture grows increasingly hostile to Christianity, we see the need to teach and guide students who may be heading into the secular classroom or the workplace. Fairwood invites you to get a solid grounding in the Word of God before entering college. See it as an investment: a year to grow closer to God and steadfastly build your life on Jesus Christ.

Gap Year Curriculum

Our world is saturated with competing truth claims. It is necessary to explore our faith and seek to know who God really is and articulate the heart of Christianity to ourselves and to others in Spirit-filled words and actions.  With the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power, these essential courses strive to accomplish this for each student, so that each one leaves with a solid foundation of Scripture, a confident understanding of the world, and a deeper faith in Christ.

Bible History and Overview

In this class, undertake the history of the Bible and learn to utilize tools such as E-Sword and Strong’s Concordance to deepen your exploration of Scripture.

Harmony of the Four Gospels

Dive into this profound study of the Gospels as you encounter Jesus, his ministry and his heart for all people.


Paul's Life and Letters

Reading the book of Acts and the Pauline Epistles, study Apostle Paul from his miraculous conversion to his God-powered ministry.

NEW! Worldviews

John Stonestreet once said, “Ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have victims.” Navigate and compare popular worldviews such as Post-modernism, Marxism, New Spirituality, etc, and measure them against a Biblical worldview. Connect with Truth in an exciting and relevant way.



Using reason and evidence, sharpen your grasp of important topics such as the existence of God, the evidence for Christ’s Resurrection, and proof of Biblical reliability, so that you can communicate and defend the faith with both resolve and gentleness.

Israel Studies*

This class is not simply geography, but a thorough familiarization with God’s beloved land in its natural history, terrain, economic base, present condition as the restored Land of Beulah, and its future in prophecy.

Supplemental Courses from Old and New Testaments

On a rotating basis. For 2019-2020, the list is likely to include:

  • Introduction to Creation Science
  • Genesis
  • The Law of Moses
  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Ruth

Israel Trip*

In addition, Gap Year students may expect a trip to Israel every spring, as world events and staffing availability dictate. The visit will enable students to see the ground where Biblical events took place and study under highly trained guides. There will be additional travel expenses for those wishing to take advantage of this option.

*The Gap Year curriculum doubles as the first year out of the three year program, with the exception of Israel Trip/Israel Studies.

Classes are only a part of student life. Other aspects of our program: 

Fellowship & Community
Most days start with a meal together with the on-duty staff. The whole community meets together on weekday mornings at 9 o’clock, where one of the staff members shares a brief lesson from Scripture with a practical application, followed by an opportunity to pray together. Afterwards, the students attend Bible classes, followed by lunch at noon, and then join in the afternoon work projects, ending the day with a family-style supper, again shared with the on-duty staff. Throughout the week, various evening meetings and activities are scheduled, and Saturday is a free day. On Sundays, the students and staff worship with the church fellowship which meets on the Fairwood campus, and break into small groups to pray for one another and discuss the message. Another unique aspect of the Bible Institute is that it is multi-generational. Students are living in community with individuals and families who have walked with Jesus for most of their lives, and are fully invested in following Him.
One-on-One Mentoring
As a discipleship program, we believe it is essential to have mentors available to students. Thus, a staff mentor (men for men, and women for women) is assigned to each student to meet with on a weekly basis, developing a relationship which offers personal support and deeper edification.
Strong Foundation in The Word
We consider it a mission of the utmost importance to teach The Word in full, both Old Testament and New. Through devotions, classes, meetings and fellowship with one another, we learn about the heart of God and seek to know him better. We learn to wield the Word and to live it out with God’s power.
Life & Vocational Skills

The men help in building maintenance, grounds-keeping, vehicle repair, cutting firewood, and other practical tasks and chores. The women are trained in preparing meals for students and on-duty staff, and assist in preparing the campus for guests, food preservation, and general housework and campus upkeep. In addition to the regular work, sometimes there are unique projects, such as learning how to prepare and repaint interior walls. Occasionally as part of the afternoon work schedule, men and women have vocational classes on a wide range of topics including everything from drywall repair and basic plumbing to baking bread and making cheese.

Spiritual Training
As the most important element of the program, spiritual training in Bible study, life application of Scripture, and principles of powerful and effective prayer are central. The students learn through the Bible classes, devotional meetings, and in many other ways what it means to live the victorious Christian life. They learn to exercise these principles through experience by applying them in their daily lives, expressing them in prayer meetings, and occasionally in leading devotional meetings or Bible studies.

Years in Operation

Full-time Students / Teachers for '17-'18

Number of Courses


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Certificates & Academic Standards

While the emphasis at the Institute is primarily spiritual, not academic, a grading system is used and grades are recorded. Transcripts are provided for those who request them. Upon satisfactory completion of each year’s program, students receive certificates of achievement. Graduates of the full three-year course receive special recognition and a diploma.

Re: Accreditation

Fairwood is not academically accredited by a recognized board of accreditation. Its program is unique. Based on the application of Scripture to daily life, the objectives of the school are chiefly spiritual: God’s recognition, and development in hearts that most often cannot be measured by earthly standards. While there is an organized program, the Holy Spirit may at any time indicate changes “without notice,” a flexibility that would be lost with accreditation.