Fairwood’s Self Service Retreat Center

A very reasonable option for Christian groups who want to hold a retreat or a getaway to seek God.
18 Fairwood Drive Dublin, New Hampshire 03444
an introduction

Welcome To Fairwood

Fairwood serves as the home of Fairwood Bible Institute, Fairwood Bible Chapel and a convention center for The Kingdom Christian Ministries. This is our primary use but we are glad to share the beautiful facilities that God has given us with other Christian groups. Fairwood may be used at times that do not conflict with our on-going ministries as long as they fall under our religious purpose for which we are tax exempt:

  • Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Strengthen and promote the Christian faith
  • Teach the Bible
  • Promote Christian prayer

The main scheduled events we hold each year during the last two weeks in March, the week of May 6, the week of July 4th, and the last two weeks in September.  There are also long weekends for youth in November and February, a women’s weekend retreat in April and an adult summer Bible School the second weekend in August.  Each request will be evaluated to make sure it does not adversely impact any of these ministries and whether there is adequate staff to cover clean-up and cooking.

Room & Board

Fairwood is not a commercial convention center and as a non-profit organization we do not charge but accept suggested donations. They are kept very low on the basis that groups will cover such things as food preparation and serving, clean-up, dish washing, trash removal, and room clean-up before leaving.  Groups will provide their own sheets (or sleeping bags) and towels and washcloths.

The suggested donation for lodging is $35/room/night or $20/person/night, whichever is less.

Lodging can be either in the Family Lodge, Lodge Annex, Main house or Men’s Dorm, as determined by the Fairwood staff.  Requests for your preference is invited, but cleaning schedules or energy use must be considered.  The Family Lodge is the building most often designated for groups coming in.

Kitchen & Meals

The ideal situation for Fairwood is that you provide your own food and cook. There will be a simple donation for use of Fairwood’s kitchen: ($20/meal).

If there is a staff volunteer available we will gladly purchase the food and do the cooking. If we do that, the donation for meals is $7/person/meal for groups over 15 people or $9/person/meal for groups under 15 people. You provide the menu and if there are special foods that are requested additional money should be added to the meal donation.

Other Facilities

There are several possibilities for meeting areas. The Community Room in the lodge works well for a small informal group setting

The Library (above) in the main house can accommodate up to fifty and is available when not needed by the Bible School.

The Fellowship Room in the basement of the church is available except on Sunday mornings when we have our church services (all are welcome). This room holds 100+ people and is equipped with a piano, sound system and video projector.

The Dining Hall building (top) can be set up for a combination dining area and meeting room.

The Main House Parlor and Dining Area can be made available when the Bible School is not in session or gone on a free weekend. Otherwise these areas need to be accessed as working around the students’ needs.

Gym, Volleyball Courts, Recreation & More

There are out-door volleyball courts, soccer field, softball diamond and a small gym for sports activities. Since we observe a seventh day Sabbath from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night we ask groups to not have fiercely competitive sports on campus during that time frame.

There is a loft area for ping pong, pool, fooseball and exercise equipment that can be used anytime.

Fairwood has 275 acres, much of it wooded or with scenic views of Mount Monadnock over the swamp.  Enjoying the beauty of nature is a common desire of those who come to Fairwood.

Additional Information

During the winter months, we usually do not use the large Dining Room building because it is not well insulated and we drain the plumbing there. To defray the extra costs, groups that use the Dining Room building in the winter are asked to donate an extra $100/day for heating that building.

Contact us

If you need further information or would like to reserve, call Neil & Elaine Sandford at 603-563-8120 or by email at  neilsandford@juno.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

“This is an awesome place to hold a retreat – all the ladies that went had a wonderful time and, by the way, the food was delicious too!”

Lynn E. Strand

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

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“Another successful experience”

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