Program and Student Activities

Fairwood offers a three-year program of intensive Bible study. The Word of God is the textbook, and both Old and New Testaments are considered in depth. Supplemental studies are included as well and may contain such subjects as the Christian Heritage of the United States, Creation Science, Holy Land Studies, and the like. Practical application and life-skill training occurs both in evening classes and "on the job" in the afternoons.

Classes begin in mid-September and continue until mid-May, with vacations around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a spring break. The daily schedule calls for prayer meetings and classroom work in the morning, an organized work program in the afternoon, and sports or shorter classes held in the evening.

All students live on campus and are expected to cooperate in the work of running the school. The resulting training offers a good opportunity to develop valuable skills, put Christian theory into actual practice, and offset some of the expense of operating the Bible school. The men help in building maintenance, grounds keeping, vehicle repair, firewood cutting, and other practical tasks and chores. Women cook the meals for students and "on duty" staff, do housework, preserve food, and cooperate in interior decorating and general upkeep.


Christian Service | Christian Service is encouraged and may include such things as Gospel out¬reach; writing for the Monadnock Beacon, the school's page of a church magazine as well as the school’s online newsletter; preparing a radio message; or assisting with youth and children's activities.

Christian Fellowship in Sports | This is an integral part of life at Fairwood. A regular sports program includes pick-up and organized sports, facilitated by the school gymnasium. Often winter sports such as skating provide seasonal variety in the program.

Yearbook | Editorial work, photography, art, and graphic design combine to produce the yearbook. Creativity in these and other areas produces a memorable and stimulating record of the year's events.

Choir/Musical Groups | Meeting once or twice a week, the choir/musical groups contribute to Sunday services and Feast meetings. In addition, the choir may play a role in Christmas and Easter programs. Fairwood sponsors an annual Christmas dessert banquet where students contribute music and drama to add to the Christmas spirit.

Sunday School Teaching | Some students teach Sunday School each Sunday morning to the church youth, with age levels ranging from Pre-School to High School.

Testimonies & Conducting Meetings | Students (especially upperclassmen) are often called upon to share their testimonies or proclaim God's Word through holding services at various churches in New England. They are also often called upon to lead devotional meetings with the school. This is a great opportunity to be real with God and to share truth and personal experiences.

Youth Weekend Hosting | Several times during the course of the academic year, young people of high school age are invited to Fairwood for a weekend of Bible instruction and Christian fellowship. This provides a welcome opportunity for sharing the reality of the Bible and Christian life. Fairwood students help to run, and sometimes organize, the activities, as well as to provide supervision and assistance.

Ministry Trip | At the end of the school year, usually in late April, there is a ministry trip, or service week, for working together to serve others as well as to enjoy fellowship and relaxation with each other.

Field Ministry | Usually reserved for the senior students, these trips may range as far afield as Florida or Nova Scotia. They are conducted by a staff couple and hosted by families in various localities, providing a chance to broaden perspective on the Christian life as well as share in the vision that has kept others faithful. There is also a wonderful opportunity to minister in song and testimony in a variety of settings.

Summer Family Conventions | Held at Fairwood and other locations, these week-long camps are times of fun and edification for the entire family unit. They are rich and valuable times of sharing in the counseling and training of other young people in godly living. Sports, drama, music, quiz competition, and other activities provide openings for the use of a wide cross-section of talents.