Location, Facilities, and Staff

The Institute is usually staffed with three full-time teachers and their wives, together with other support personnel, all of whom live on the premises and are dedicated to full-time Christian service. In addition, a variety of part-time teachers may be invited to teach at different times. They may be pastors, missionaries, college professors, or businessmen, all devoted to Jesus Christ and uniquely qualified in what¬ever classes they teach.

Fairwood is located in the picturesque town of Dublin, New Hampshire, near the city of Keene, in the southwestern corner of the state. Situated at the foot of Mt. Monadnock, it has a grand view of the mountain from its grounds. The heavily wooded surrounding area, nearby Dublin Lake, and the beautiful seasonal changes make it a lovely spot in which to spend time learning to know the Creator of such beauty.

Main HouseA large white mansion is the main building on campus and houses the library and student chapel, the main living room, dining room, and kitchen as well as rooms for the women students and some staff members.

The church building has classrooms in the basement, as well as a sanctuary for Sunday Church services and convention meetings. It is a special place for individual prayer.

The Gymnasium and Sports Field give a great outlet for athletic achievement and physical energy. The field has a soft¬ball diamond, soccer field and outdoor volleyball court. The gym is used especially in winter weather for basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer.

There is a women's dormitory, family lodge, campground, and large dining hall that are primarily used for periodic church conventions. There are several staff homes and apartments on campus.

A campus bookstore, radio station, woodshop, and garage are also places where students learn special skills and put their Christianity into practice.

Men's DormitoryThere are over 100 acres of woodland and trails for hiking, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing. Being located near the base of Mt. Monadnock makes mountain hiking a favorite pastime.

The men's dormitory (seen at right) houses the men students and provides rooms for fellowship, study, and work meetings.

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To get to Fairwood, follow NH-101 to Charcoal Rd in Dublin, NH. If you are coming from the east, it will be on your left. Follow Charcoal Rd to its end and turn right onto Old Marlborough Rd. Turn right onto Fairwood Dr to enter the Fairwood campus.

Click here for a map or to get directions, or contact Fairwood directly for personal directions. Any staff member would be happy to help you.