General Information

Fairwood Bible Institute is a small non-denominational Bible School. It is dedicated to the teaching of the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Completion of the full course of study provides the student with a firm Biblical foundation. Its program is designed to accomplish this regardless of the field of service to which one is called. A solid foundation of faith and character is valuable whether one should proceed to further education, training for the ministry, mission field, a trade, career, homemaking, or whatever the call of God might be. The goal is the approval of Heaven, and the preparation is for men and women of established Christian character, who will become "lights" to the world and the "salt of the earth."

Fairwood is not academically accredited by a recognized board of accreditation. Its program is unique. Based on the application of Scripture to daily life, the objectives of the school are chiefly spiritual: God's recognition, and development in hearts that most often cannot be measured by earthly standards. While there is an organized program, the Holy Spirit may at any time indicate changes "without notice," a flexibility that would be lost with accreditation.

At the dedication of its first building, in 1897, the purpose of the School was declared to be two-fold: "The preparation of the Bride for the Bridegroom, and the fitting of warriors for the speedy evangelization of this globe." This emphasis on holy living and spiritual warfare is unchanged today despite the fact that the school has gone through several transitions and locations since 1897. Typified by the White, the Blue, and the Gold, the colors of the School, it is also exemplified by a high standard of behavior based on unqualified loyalty to the Bible as God's Word.

More specifically, students are offered the opportunity to:

  1. Develop a personal relationship with, and accountability to, the Lord Jesus Christ, leading to the knowledge of God.
  2. Gain a thorough knowledge of the Bible, together with an application of its principles to daily life, leading to the development of Christian Character.
  3. Experience the joy of leading others to Jesus Christ, and go on to teach them further in the Knowledge of God.
  4. Learn practical skills that make a person more useful and self-sufficient in everyday life.