“Let all things be done decently and in order.”
—1 Corinthians 14:40

In order to operate an institution in a godly and orderly manner the following understandings are expected to be followed:

The Focus of the program and the related student commitments:

To find Jesus real and deepen my relationship with Him:
I will develop a private devotional life.
I will plan to attend and engage in all meetings and classes (unless there is sickness or extenuating circumstances).
I will seek out behavior that connects with the presence of Jesus.
I will not engage in pornography, unchastity, or the use of recreational drugs, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco in any form.
I will not expose myself to media (music, books, videos, computer games, etc.) that is contrary to Jesus’ character or God’s Word.

To experience growth & healing through God’s unconditional love:
I will be honest with my assigned mentor and fully engage with the mentoring process.

To learn to love and follow Jesus as His disciple in order to grow in discipleship:
I will seek to live the Bible and align my life with it.
I will honor spiritual authority by cooperating with the Fairwood staff, or those they delegate.
I will show love to others by living by the Golden Rule.


Students are free to go to any staff member for counsel at any time. In addition, a primary mentor will be assigned to each student to regularly confer and pray together over their Christian walk. The mentor may give individualized guidelines to assist the student to develop the necessary disciplines to prosper in spiritual growth, or experience healing.

Prayer Battles

Fairwood operates on a faith basis. Both staff and students are expected to pray regularly for the supply of daily needs to keep the school running. As special needs come up, “prayer battles” will be launched and all are expected to take part. Voluntary contributions may be made as the Lord leads each individual heart.


Men will be out of the Main House by 9:30 p.m. Men and women will be in their respective dorms by 10:30 p.m. except 11:30 PM on Friday nights.

Music, TV or Movies

Music played which is audible to others needs to be approved.  Movies need to be approved before watching.  Occasional sports events on TV may be watched after checking with the duty staff member. Commercials will be turned off.

Internet communications

Internet is available in the press room or office computers where assignments or academic research should take priority. Other wireless signals will only be accessed in public areas unless your mentor gives an exception. Wireless signals are turned off at night.

Work Study

Since Fairwood Bible Institute maintains a work study program, all students will cooperate in the work assignments they are given. There is an obligation to help with the work at Fairwood for four weeks each year during the summer when school is not in session. This applies only to the summers after the first two years of study. The work obligation must be completed before the beginning of a student’s senior year to fulfill graduation requirements. A $400.00 donation may be substituted for each week of work owed. Work meetings for students are held as announced. Students will be on time and come dressed for work.

Special study times

Study times are designated for Monday and Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:00, and Saturday evenings from 7:00-7:55. In order to keep Bible Study a priority, quiet will be observed during these designated study times.


Shirts should have sleeves. Women are expected to wear knee length dresses or skirts, although long loose-fitting shorts may be worn for sports or outdoor work.

Co-ed Activities

All co-ed activities require staff supervision or approval. Students will not pursue romantic relationships unless given special permission. Conversations between men and women are conducted in public. Men and women will not socialize outdoors after dark or have physical contact.

Academic Work

All academic work must be made up to complete each course. Certificates will be awarded only when all courses and academic requirements are complete. Every effort should be made to avoid absences from the program. However, should a planned absence be deemed necessary by both student and staff, equal time make-up is required for any such absence (This does not include sickness, emergencies or urgent needs). If more than 25% of classes in any course is missed for sickness, emergencies or urgent needs, the complete course may need to be made up through an alternate method, determined by the teacher. Maximum make-up time permitted for those circumstances is 6 weeks and must be completed before the start of the following school year. Three days for college visits or military interviews is allowed, with only academic make-up assigned by the teacher.


Students may have vehicles, but need to check with a staff member before operating their car, motorcycle, or other vehicle at Fairwood or to drive off campus.

Free Weekends

Free weekends are scheduled throughout the year. The campus is closed to students at these times, except by special permission.

Special trips

Special trips to the dentist or doctor will be provided, as well as travel to make necessary connections at airports, bus and train stations. Students will pay for gas.  A $30 surcharge applies to any trips between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.


Food is available only at mealtimes. If students skip a meal, the student is responsible to find out about any announcements and to carry out any responsibilities. On weekends, breakfasts will be served pick-up style.


There is an access code (9) to reach an outside dial tone. Long distance calls must be made using a calling card. Do not accept any collect calls or make Directory Assistance calls unless you accept responsibility. The 78 line is not to be used by students unless it is an emergency, or students need to call a staff member’s cell phone. Under normal conditions, incoming calls should use the intercom system line (563-8730).

Fees and Deposits

A yearly Room and Board fee for all students will be due at registration, with scholarships available upon request. The fee for members is $1,500 if paying by the year, $825 if paying by the semester, and $195 if paying by the month. The fee for non-members is $2,750 if paying by the year.

There is an application fee of $25, which is waived for applications received prior to April 1. All students will pay a non-refundable Activity and Special Equipment fee ($75) and an Internet fee ($50), due at orientation. At the same time they will also make a book deposit ($75) and a general deposit ($50) for room and tool damages or miscellaneous expenses. This deposit will be used as needed through the year; the balance will be refunded after graduation or written notification of withdrawal, upon confirmation that all bills are paid, dorm rooms are cleaned, and summer work is completed. To cover additional electric usage, non-essential appliances have yearly fees.

Withdrawal Policy

If a student chooses to terminate his attendance at Fairwood Bible Institute, whether during the school year or during the summer, a letter of withdrawal should be submitted to the Director of Admissions stating when and why.  Failure to submit such a letter before the start of the next school year will mean that the student forfeits all deposits.

Staff Notices and Discipline

If there appears to be a clear, purposeful breaking of Scripture or an excessive amount of staff concerns, the staff member will talk with the student. If that does not effect a change, they will bring the matter to Neil Sandford, the administrator. If that does not resolve the issue, it will be taken to the staff and if needed, parents will be notified and, if necessary, the student will be suspended or expelled.
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