As the ultimate authority, the Bible governs all our conduct. Any behavior rejected by God's word is forbidden at Fairwood Bible Institute. We understand this to include such practices as the use of pornography, unchaste behavior, alcoholic beverages, tobacco in any form, and recreational drugs.

“Let all things be done decently and in order.”— 1 Cor. 14:40


Obedience and respectful behavior to those responsible is expected at all times. This includes all staff members as well as anyone temporarily designated as responsible. If students at any time feel that something is unscriptural or unreasonable, after appealing to the one requiring it, they may appeal to the School Administration.

Attendance and Travel

Since Bible School is a concentrated training program for spiritual development, attendance and participation in classes, meetings and work is mandatory except for sickness. All academic work must be made up to complete each course. Certificates will be awarded only when all courses and academic requirements are complete.

Students need to check with a staff member before operating their own cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles at Fairwood.


Men will be out of the Main House by 9:30 P.M. and in their dorm by 10:30 P.M. Women will be in the Main House by 10:30 P.M. On Friday, curfew is 11:30 P.M.


Students should spend time in devotions before breakfast.

Media and Music

In order to preserve an atmosphere where God may be readily found and where He can feel at home, the use of media is limited to appropriate content. Personal music not already on the Master Music List must be submitted to Timothy Murray before use. Unless they are already on the Approved Video Game List, computer and electronic games must be approved by Neil Sandford. Fairwood Library videos and DVDs may be watched any time. Other movies and occasional sports events accessed in any way require staff permission. Commercials will be turned off.

Internet communications are limited to the wireless whitelist in approved areas, or the press room computer which is primarily intended for assignments or academic research.


Since Fairwood Bible Institute maintains a work-study program, all students will cooperate in the work assignments which they are given. There is an obligation to help with the work at Fairwood for four weeks during the summer when the school is not in session. This applies only to the summers after the first two years of study. The work obligation must be completed before the beginning of a student's senior year to fulfill graduation requirements. A $400.00 donation may be substituted for each week of work owed.

Study Time

In order to keep Bible Study a priority, quiet times will be observed when they are designated.

Dress Code

Since the Bible calls for modesty, courtesy and a distinction between the sexes, we have adopted the following dress code for Fairwood students.


Men will wear dress shirts and dress pants to Sunday services. Clothes will be masculine, appropriate, neat, and clean. Hair will be kept nicely trimmed, and out-of-the-ordinary haircuts, shaved heads, or hair coloring need prior approval.

Beards and mustaches will be kept neatly trimmed or shaved and may not be started during the school year. Earrings and other body piercing ornaments are not permitted. Shorts, lounge wear, undershirts, and torn or dirty clothing are inappropriate at classes, meals, and meetings. Men may wear work clothes to breakfast but may not wear work clothes to town or on other trips. For co-ed sports, shorts must be knee length and shirts must have sleeves. During Conventions, men’s dress code for meetings is shirts with collars and no blue jeans. Footwear will be worn in public except for outdoor sports and outdoor recreational activities.


Women's dress must be feminine (no pants or shorts) and modest (not tight or revealing). Blouses must have sleeves, and dresses and skirts must be of modest length. Sports and work attire must be loose-fitting and modest. If skirts have slits, they must not go above the knee. Footwear will be worn in public except for outdoor sports and outdoor recreational activities.

Friendships with the Opposite Sex

Bible School is a time for concentrating on putting God first. There are many group activities, and conversation and interaction between men and women is acceptable within certain guidelines; but dating and behavior designed to further an exclusive personal relationship is distracting and inappropriate.

Fees and Deposits

There is an application fee ($25). All students will pay a non-refundable Activity and Special Equipment fee ($75), as well as a phone usage fee ($30), due at orientation. At the same time they will also make a book deposit ($50). This deposit will be used as needed through the year, and the balance will be refunded when all bills are paid at the close of the year. A general deposit to care for room and tool damage and miscellaneous expenses ($50) will be made and then replenished at the beginning of each succeeding year. The balance will be returned upon graduation or written notification of withdrawal, if all bills are paid and summer work is completed. To cover additional electric usage, non-essential appliances have yearly fees. Late fees will be added if needed.

Room and Board Fees

Through Aug. 2014: If paying by the...

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Starting Sept. 2014: If paying by the...

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There are no scholarships currently available.


Effective Sept. 2008, families with 2 children concurrently enrolled will receive a 50% reduction on the 2nd child's fee.

Effective Sept. 2008, families with 3 or more children concurrently enrolled will receive a 50% reduction on the 2nd child's fee, and a 100% reduction on the 3rd and subsequent child's fee(s).

Other Expectations

Guidelines and prohibitions are useful to a point, but the earnest student may find it helpful to consider what positive results should be taking place in his life as well. To that end, we offer the following “Expectations” for the student body.

  1. Fairwood operates on a faith basis. Both staff and students are expected to pray regularly for the supply of daily needs to keep the school running. As special needs come up prayer battles will be launched and all are expected to take part. Voluntary contributions may be made as the Lord leads each individual heart.
  2. Computer and electronic games may be a good source of relaxation when used in moderation. A suggested limit for computer games is one hour a day as long as daily devotions and studies have first priority.
  3. Students should feel free to develop close relationships with any staff member. If you wish to have a staff mentor, you may request one at any time. In addition, various staff members may visit students informally on occasion.